How Uber & Lyft Have Changed the Way We Travel

Curtis Carlson Nelson has spent years as a travel and hospitality expert conducting research and determining solutions to improve the world of travel.

Travel forms a good part of our day, whether it’s the daily work commute, business trips, family trips, running errands, vacations, or other recreational trips. For most of the population, taking a smooth, comfortable and convenient ride to get where they want to be is a matter of general importance. In the past, public transportation was the most effective way to get people where they needed to go if they didn’t already have a car of their own. However, as Curtis Carlson Nelson and other experts have realized, the old form of public transportation is not always reliable and dependable. It does not always match up with our schedules and can often be overcrowded.

Curtis Carlson Nelson - Travel

 Yes, the need for an organized and trusted help in commuting is what gave rise to companies like Lyft and Uber. Lyft as the name suggests, started as a ride sharing kind of option and linked the drivers and the passengers.  All you need to do to get going with Lyft is download the app and register yourself and provide the necessary basic details. Every time you open the app, you will then be shown details of drivers nearby allowing you to pick your choice. Now when all this comes with the stamp of safety and security, you cannot really ask for more. After all, going through your day with a hassle free ride to where you need to be can really lower your stress and leave you to focus on what is more important.

Along with Lyft, Curtis Carlson Nelson has also noticed huge strides taken by Uber, an established cab transportation network company born out of the need for a one tap cab. The idea and success of Uber seem to have caught on and continue to grow throughout the country and the world. All of these companies have thrived since there really is a need for safe and secure, hassle free, on the spot cabs for commuting even within a city. You cannot always pre plan your commute. Time is money and what you do have is a need to get from one place to another when you want to. Companies like Uber and Lyft have addressed this need and filled a void and tapped a market with a huge potential for growth. Involved highly with marketing and management in travel, Curtis Carlson Nelson believes these are huge keys to success.

Most of the urban population prefers to take an Uber or a Lyft even if they do have a car, because it is so convenient and cheaper and also frees you up from the hassles of finding a parking for the car. And with the guarantee that you can always get one, wherever you are, whatever time of the day, part of the city, it so much eases your mind when you step out of the house. Yes, companies like Uber and Lyft have changed the way we travel and they are here to stay but Curtis Carlson Nelson and other travel executives are still on the lookout for improvements and the next big thing.