Top Travel Apps of 2016

Curtis Carlson Nelson is an executive in the travel industry with a great deal of experience in travel technology and applications. He has a strong understanding of travel resources and how to efficiently plan trips, either for business or pleasure.

Top Travel Apps 2016 - Curtis Carlson Nelson

Like it or not, the truth about travel is that it isn’t always easy. From language barriers and confusing public transportation to time differences, burn out and new currencies, there are a lot of hurtles to be jumped in order to enjoy a journey. This year, don’t let travel hassles ruin your trip. Instead, try out one of these top travel apps to help you map out your trip worry free. 


This app will help ensure that you don’t get lost while navigating a new city. It allows you to download maps and guides for over 7,000 destinations around the world. This map app is perfect for travelers without a way to get an internet connection.


Breaking the language barrier is what this app aims to do. Offering a phrase book for 13 different languages, Bravolol works by both saying and providing spelling for different phrases. It is separated into categories to make it easier to find what you want to say in certain situations and once downloaded, will work offline.


It’s like a one stop shop for frequent travelers and works to keep all important travel plans organized. You can upload your flight info, destination itineraries and hotel reservations all in one place. Additionally, the app allows you to share this information with others so that they can keep track of your flights or what you are doing in a certain destination.


Basically building your itinerary for you, TripSee finds all of the hotspots and noteworthy sites based on the destination that you enter. Once you make reservations for tours, hotels and flights, you can enter it into the app and watch as it forms a perfectly laid out itinerary for you.

Trail Wallet

This app makes it easy for you to track your spending while on the road. You can add your trip, state your budget and keep track of what you spend your money on daily. The app will deduct your spending and keep you posted on what you have left.

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How The Airbnb Experience Is Changing The Travel Industry

Curtis Carlson Nelson - How The Airbnb Experience Is Changing The Travel Industry

Originally a side hustle to pay their rent, founders, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia realized that money could be made from offering up a local travel experience. Officially launching Airbnb in 2008, the duo began earning quite a bit of cash, much more than they needed to pay their rent. Gaining around 1 million listings in 2014, the website has seen more action than some of the world’s most significant hotel chains. Through local experiences and unique stays, Airbnb and other sites like it are becoming so popular that they are changing the travel industry. Here’s how….

Travelers Can Get a Local Experience

With the chance to actually stay with a local, travelers are experiencing destinations off the beaten track. It’s helping to spread cultural understanding and foster a deeper appreciation for a place and its people.

Travelers Have More Control

Not only do travelers have many options for location but they get to be in complete control over the type of environment, amenities, space and interaction that they are looking for. There are multiple filters on the Airbnb site from WIFI and included breakfast to eco-friendly and unique that lets travelers really choose what they want.

Accommodation is Becoming an Extension of The Sites

With accommodations ranging from boats, school buses, gypsy caravans and beach shacks, people are turning even their stay into an exciting site. Tourists are realizing that they can make every part of their trip unique and interesting and are hoping to accomplish that with each stay.

Travel is More Affordable

Prices for Airbnb are quite reasonable, making travel more accessible for the general public. Plus, with options to rent out an entire house or just a room, people of varying budgets can get a chance to participate in travel.

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